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Can You Please Pass the Frank's?

I am officially eight (!) days into this whole30 business, and it seems that this may be doable after all. The first days were literally a roller coaster of emotions as I/my body began to figure things out. I was hungry a lot, I was tired a lot, I wanted to punch people for their pizza a lot. But as things settle, as I begin to get into more of a routine, I am finding that (so far) I am actually enjoying the challenge to be more mindful about what I eat and the opportunity to cook with new ingredients (yams!).

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I found that for me, the timeline above was pretty much right on. I had a mild headache for day two and day three. There was a five hour stretch on day four where I was feeling real proud of myself for feeling great, which abruptly ended in the evening. I was exhausted on day six. But as the site says, there are many things in life which are hard. Doing this for 30 days is not hard. It may be inconvenient, it may make bars less fun, but it's not hard. I made it through a football game, a happy hour, a Halloween party, and a confectionaries class. 

At this point, my advice would be meal plan, meal plan, meal plan. If you don't take time to plan your meals, you end up eating a can of tuna with some Frank's Red Hot before derby practice. (Which was surprisingly tasty, and has since made another appearance.) Planning helps to break up the boredom that occurs with many foods (eggs), and reduces my morning prep time (huge for me). Also, at least for me, be prepared to lose a bit in your work outs during the first week. Feeling so tired really hit my motivation to work out. I decided that it was okay, and am getting back on track this week. 

 A huge thanks to the folks who have been so supportive. Whether it's been bringing fruit, not making fun of my giant snack bag, not getting embarrassed when we are eating out, or agreeing to sample all the chocolates in class so I know which recipes to make, I appreciate it.