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How Do You Show Love?

"What way do we show our students that we fall [in] love with the world?" - @AlexandraFro

When I saw this tweet in my feed this morning, I stopped mid scroll and just stared at the screen. Lately, I have been spending a significant amount of time reflecting on what makes me happy. What drives my passion, my love, for what I do on a daily basis? The tweet made me wonder, is part of my frustration as of late due to the fact that I don't give myself enough room to share my passions and interests in the work place? Sure, we need to work to create boundaries, keep up professionalism in the work place, be resources but not friends, etc., but if I believe being a good professional also means being the best version of myself from 9-5, shouldn't I be able to openly discuss those things that bring me joy?

"Truth be told, there is not one day that goes by when I don't fall in love with someone, with something." - Carole Maso

One of the main reasons I signed on to work with AlumniChoose was the fact that financially supporting projects can help students discover power through their passions. I remember that feeling as an undergraduate, and even as a graduate student, when everything seemed to click when I was able to make a difference on campus, create change, and use my educational experience to have some sort of real life impact. It seems a bit silly now, but back then I didn't realize that the organizations I chose to be a part of, the way I spent my free time, the late night conversations I had about world events, hopes and dreams, would become foundational to my own philosophy of higher education. I believe in empowerment, discovery, fairness and equity, integrity, and authenticity. Show yourself through your work, through your legacy, through the lives you touch.

Yes, AlumniChoose is a fundraising website, but to me that the secondary part of our vision. We exist to aid students in making those connections between those ideas and sparks they have now to their great discoveries of the future. When you support a student run organic food collective today, you may be helping to create the next urban grocery store which brings quality produce to poverty stricken areas. Seem like a stretch? I don't think so.

Where can you show your love today?

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