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Anything YouTube Can Do I Can Do Better

Remember Felix's driver side mirror nub? It is a nub no more. (And truthfully, it hasn't been a nub for a couple of months, but I like to think of the elapsed time as in depth quality control analysis. I passed. Woot.) Once I received the mirror in the mail, I decided to take my handy IKEA tool set (every single woman should own one) and put my car back together again. To get started, I did what every self respecting individual does when wanting to learn a new skill, I went to YouTube. I carefully selected my video based on the following criteria: 1) They had more than one video about cars, 2) They had matching polos = official, 3) The intro for the video was only moderately cheesy (and if I remember correctly, tastefully used the engine revving sound). I want to give big props 1A Auto for easy to follow videos. (Here is the video I used.) The only down side? Once I successfully completed the project, I found myself looking through other videos saying things like "hmmm, do I want to lower my car?" and "Sure, I can replace an engine."  Do not be alarmed. I haven't tried either of those (yet).

And now, the adventure in photos: