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The Great Burrito-tastrophy

Or "If I Had a Time Machine, I Would Never Relive This Past Weekend". Or "How I Spent $300 in 15 Seconds".

It's no secret that I play roller derby. And I love it. It's been a great source of empowerment for me over the past year and a half. I feel more confident in myself, in my opinions, and I am less scared to speak my mind. Part of the Women's Flat Track movement, is the DIY attitude. As a league, we run our own bout production, recruit our own sponsors, run our own practices, and we are stronger for it. However, that means when you host a kick ass tournament, you do all the work. Even if that means spending 28 hours in one weekend shlepping cases of water and bananas back and forth for visiting teams.

You guessed it. That is exactly how I spent last weekend.

Now, like any self respecting derby girl woman, the idea of waking up at 5:30 am on a Saturday does not excite me. But you know what does excite me? Breakfast burritos. And you know how I can make myself feel better about losing sleep on a weekend? A tasty breakfast burrito from Sonic. (The kind with the tots INSIDE the burrito. It's like the double rainbow of breakfast foods.)

If you are fortunate enough to have a Sonic close to you, you know that they have these super cute drive in stalls which allow you to order through a speaker. Just like the good ol' times. Then the car hop will swiftly bring your order window side, and you can commence your greasy goodness indulgence. I still maintain, that what happened next on that Saturday morning is due to my deep care and concern for others. See, upon pulling into the stall, I decided that I was too close to the speaker, and it might prove difficult for the car hop to deliver my burrito. Figuring the car hop didn't like being up this early anymore than I did, I figured I would reposition my car in order to make their job easier. And then I heard it. A sort of scrape, pull, smash, pop sound. I had ripped Felix's arm off.

On the upside, I learned you can indeed pass a Texas inspection without a driver side mirror (the rear view mirror is sufficient), and you can order mirrors online for $46.51. I am planning to install myself via knowledge I gain from YouTube. (Post to follow.)

36 hours later I dropped my iPhone in a cooler full of ice water. It was an expensive weekend. But at least I was complimented on my banana distribution skills.