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#reverbbroads11 Day 18 - Who Would You Most Like to Meet?

The #reverbbroads11 prompt for December 18th was: Who would you most like to meet and why? via Dana. There are many people that I would like to meet, both living and dead, political figures and celebrities. I have often said that I hope to some day play poker with Tim Burton, Helena Bonham Carter, and Johnny Depp. (Even thought I don't play poker, I'm still pretty sure it would be an amazing experience.)

But if I could meet anyone right now, and sit down with them to say, "Please, tell me what  you are thinking about at this very moment." it would be James Franco.

This isn't what you think. I don't find him overly attractive. He is low down on my list of best actors. We won't even talk about the train wreck that was his Oscar hosting gig. It really is due to the fact that I find him to be one of the most fascinating people EVER. I mean, the man taught a course about himself. Meaning, there was an actual moment when he said to himself, "yes, I am such a gift to the acting community that I can teach others how to become better actors by talking about myself!"

Two of the faculty members I have the privilege of working with and myself will often tweet our new Franco finds.

(If you are curious, the link is to a funny or die video featuring Franco's younger brother. I was shocked that a younger version existed. My verdict is still out as to who is the better actor.) I'm not really sure how this even got started between the three of us, but it is one of my favorite uses for twitter. Kim and I even created this gem for John when he left last year.

He came with interchangeable degrees and MLA badge. We even created some fun tweets which were posted on the back of the box. But I digress.

Back to why I want to meet Franco. Here are my top three reasons:

1) The man created a Kickstarter account for a museum without art, and IT GOT FUNDED! For three times the amount originally requested.

2) This video: [youtube=]

3) And finally, the latest Franco folly involves an innocent NYU professor who was fired because he gave Franco a "D". Really. I can't make this shit up.

I have a feeling I would not get through more than 5 minutes before I laughed in his face. Pretty uproariously in fact. However, I do hope that this day will come as I would love to know what inspires him to do half of the ridiculous stuff he does. (And, it would make John and Kim mad jealous.)